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From the President

President Crain with students

Thank you for visiting Southeastern Louisiana University. I hope you find the experience both enlightening and exciting. Southeastern is a great university, and I am confident you will see that for yourself. Southeastern is far more than buildings and programs. It is the people that make the difference, the faculty and staff who have chosen to work in a place that offers something special: a focus on students. All universities serve their students, but Southeastern, today and for generations past, has gone the extra mile to create a warm, welcoming and caring environment while providing a high level of academic excellence. The people who choose to work here make that happen for our students.

Even more important than those who work here are our students. Students make Southeastern what it has become. Like most of my colleagues, I chose my career in academics because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of college students. I’ve never lost sight of the reason I am here, and I encourage our faculty and staff to always maintain their focus on students.

Students matter here at Southeastern. Their presence in the classroom is recognized; their involvement on campus makes a difference.

Enjoy your time time here; it is a great university. As you explore our campus know that while it is beautiful, our students are the heart of Southeastern. As a Southeastern graduate, I speak from experience that the special atmosphere I and so many others have felt over the years remains alive and well.

We hope to see you soon as a member of the Southeastern family.

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John L. Crain

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